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Can an epic collapse forge an iron future? The Kansas City Chiefs tried to get their 2014-15 slate off to the right ‘start’ Monday at Phase One of spring workouts by focusing on the ‘finish.’ My NFL column for FOX is here:

Arrests. Investigations. Alleged assault. For the last month, many of the headlines involving Mizzou football, and Mizzou athletics, have landed in the cringe-worthy pile. So after a ‘rough semester,’ Saturday’s Black and Gold spring football game was a welcome reprieve. My SEC col for FOX:


Mizzou is a better job than it was when Frank Haith showed up, although none of that really has anything to do with Haith himself, strangely enough. What could be a coup for Tulsa, assuming the reports are true, could wind up being a coaching coup for Mizzou as well. My FOX column:


The NCAA took baby steps this week. Now it needs to keep walking, because there’s still a ways to go in order to fully meet the needs of today’s student-athletes. My FOX column is here:


Mizzou star football commit Drew Lock, the son of a Tiger and grandson of a Tiger, has the heart of a Tiger, too. More details, in my column for FOX: