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One of the leading examples of character in the Big 12 Conference is actually a character himself. My FOX column on Kansas State defensive end Ryan Mueller is here:

An old friend is returning to Kansas City this weekend, and not EVERYBODY will be booing Matt Cassel. My NFL column for FOX:

Blocking, coverage and penalties get the ink, but the Kansas City Chiefs are also having a hell of a time in the red zone right about now. My NFL col for FOX:


A one-game suspension came as a surprise to Chiefs fans, but it might be a blessing in disguise for Dwayne Bowe. Actually, it may be an even bigger blessing for general manager John Dorsey. My NFL col for FOX:


It’s cupcake time for the Royals; Will they feast on the Twins, Rockies and Rangers? After slaying Giants — real and figurative — how will Ned Yost’s surging crew handle the also-rans? My FOX col: