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With his latest injury twist, former Kansas star Joel Embiid just went from a ‘hop’ of faith in the NBA Draft to a total leap. So who’ll make the jump? My column for FOX is here:

Given the option of staying at Kansas State or seeing the field as a quarterback, Daniel Sams did what he’s wanted to do all along: He passed. My Big 12 column for FOX:

It’s strange: The Kansas Jayhawks turn big men into NBA studs — but, as of late, they’ve turned their point guards into mush. Naadir Tharpe is the latest experiment to go wrong. Is the problem the players — or the system? Or something else? Who’s to blame? My Big 12 column for FOX is here:


No Myles Turner? For the Kansas Jayhawks, it’s no problemo. For realz. My FOX column is here:

If coaches can jump from stop to stop, why can’t freshmen? Especially if they show up on campus only to find that their coach just got the axe? Why the Leticia Romero case at Kansas State should inspire honest, serious NCAA reform, in my FOX column: